1. All entries must be advertisements, BTL or media effectiveness activities created by Jordan-based agencies.
2. All entries must have been published, aired or released within the allocated period that the ceremony covers (usually, two previous calendar years).


Judging Process:
Entries will be evaluated by a panel of professionals. The Jury will be made up of nine members.
These will be five Jordanians and four non-Jordanians. These will be people working in creative industries with expertise in art, media research, journalism and related fields. Not one single member will be an employee or a partner in an advertising agency participating in the Jordan Advertising Awards.
Mr. Walid Azzi, Publisher of ArabAd, will be a non-Jordanian member of the jury and the Jury’s Chairman.
Every member of the Jury will evaluate every entry aided by a copy of the First Sheet of the Entry Form. Scores will be provided for that entry based on:
    Creativity of the concept
    Marketing strategy employed
    Quality of execution
    Overall personal assessment

Each of these attributes is given a percentage, for a total score of 100%. Judging will be secret. Every juror will fill his/her score sheet in complete confidentiality and sign the form for every entry judged.
The chairperson is to check the judging forms before collection. Then, the scores will be entered into a computer for total score calculation.
A minimum total of percentage points will be necessary for an entry to be eligible for an award. The top three scoring entries, which meet this condition, will receive Gold,
Silver and Bronze awards respectively.
If two or more winning entries receive the same number of points, the jury has to re-judge the respective entries or nominate both entries for awards.
Only the chairperson will have access to the final scores. The results will be kept completely confidential until the Awards ceremony.


General Terms regarding categories:
The organizers, ArabAd & MediaScope, retain the right to cancel existing categories or open new categories.

Categories with less than the minimum number of entries required will be cancelled. The entries and the sums paid for them will be returned to the participating agencies.
Categories with a very large number of entries may be split up into two or three separate categories each with its own Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. This occurs only if the nature of the category allows a split.


Checklist of Instructions for Delivering Entrants:
After finalizing the advertisements & BTL chosen for the competition, fill in an entry form for every item entered. Make Two Copies of that form. Please adhere to the format of the form, completing every one of its requirements.

For print advertisements, prepare two copies of your advertisement in actual size as published (color or black depending on actual publication) and place them on a black cardboard. Also provide one ‘digital’ copy of the advertisement on CD as follows:
Vertical Ads:       Height of image 800 pixels, JPEG format, Quality 10.
Horizontal Ads:   Width of image 800 pixels, JPEG format, Quality 10.
For TV advertisements, prepare Two Copies of your commercial recorded on PAL DVD-Rom (DVD-r disc) with a stereo sound track (not Dolby) at a sound level of -3dB. Also please provide one image from the commercial in a 720X576 PAL frame.
For Radio advertisements, prepare Two Copies of your commercial in MP3 encoded on CD quality, with one second silence before and after the commercial, recorded at a – 3dB sound level. Also please provide the logo of the client in ai (adobe illustrator) format.
For Internet advertisements (banners), prepare Two Copies of your banners in a format which can be opened and viewed through Internet Explorer. Also please provide an actual size JPG image of the banner (a single frame of your choice if it’s an animated banner) of every banner size you submit.

Prepare payment to be delivered with entries. This is a fixed fee per entry, multiplied by the number of your entries (this fee per entry is set prior to the event). MediaScope will not receive your entries unless payment is enclosed.
Write your cheques to (شركة دار الإعلام والتسويق (ميدياسكوب
Upon completion of the above contact us to collect your entries and payment or send them to MediaScope’s office. Our address is:

MediaScope, Al Rabia, Al Husseini Building, 3rd Floor, Office Number 17
Tel. 5538369   Fax. 5514943   Email: [email protected]
Note on Disposition of Entries:
Entries and submitted materials will not be returned and may be displayed, shown, duplicated, published or disposed of as ArabAd and MediaScope deem appropriate. By participating, entrants agree to exempt ArabAd and MediaScope from any costs or expenses or any claim arising from any such use.