Previous Winners/2007

Press Awards

P1) Food & Dairy Products

Team Y&R Eating Ticket
Team Y&R Unemployed Can Opener 
Team Y&R Pasta

P2) Beverages, Milk & Non-Alcoholic Drinks

AdvizeGrey Puzzle Solved
Publicis Graphics Wild Thing
AdvizeGrey Drink g to ignite

P3) Watches, Jewelry & Personal Accessories

Still Motion It’s Time
Objects Wild Summer
Objects I Do 

P4) Toiletries & Health & Beauty Products

Team Y&R Knot not
AdvizeGrey Sterilized & Truly Hygienic
Team Y&R SteriPro Tissues

P5) Household Care & Maintenance

AdvizeGrey Aqua Treat Your Home
AdvizeGrey Any Color Combination
AGA Profess Graphics No Pest Escapes from Boecker

P6 A) Household Furnishings

AGA Profess Graphics Breaking the News
Publicis Graphics Need Some Sleep 
Objects Wallpaper So Real

P6 B) Household Appliances

Objects Avoid Duplicates
AGA Profess Graphics As Heavy as an Elephant
Objects Wedding List 

P7 A) Consumer Electronics & Accessories

Creations The Power of Metal
Publicis Graphics Industrial Harmony       
Team Y&R Wallet

P7 B) Consumer Electronics & Accessories

AGA Profess Graphics A Camera for every moment
AdvizeGrey Infinity
Intermarkets Prices Reduced

P8) Telecommunications Services

Intermarkets The X Efficiency
Publicis Graphics Choose your seat
Publicis Graphics Spice up your Talk

P9) Mobile Handsets & Dealers

Team Y&R Pantech PG 1400
Publicis Graphics SE Spin
Publicis Graphics Impecca pebble

P10 A) Internet & Online Services

AdvizeGrey Araby
Team Y&R Wanadoo is now Orange
Team Y&R Wireless Jordan

P10 B) Mobile Data Services & Content Providers

Publicis Graphics Kicking Off Sports News
Publicis Graphics Yellow Pages
Publicis Graphics First Hand Goal

P11 A) Automotive (Cars)

IDEA-JWT Natural Feel
Team Y&R Knock out Sporty Rio
Elite Advertising YUKON

P11 B) Automotive Accessories & Services

Intermarkets Easier Ways to Protect Your Car
AGA Profess Graphics Enjoy the Silence
Team Y&R Protective Tires

P12) Airlines, Transport & Shipping

Team Y&R Economy Class Entertainment
Team Y&R Book and Fly Online
Publicis Graphics Moving Boxes

P13) Tourism Services.

Team Y&R Visit the Dead Sea
Prisma Advertising The Aqaba Effect
Intermarkets Discover Jordan             

P14) Hotels & Hotels Outlets

AdvizeGrey Ring the Bell
AdvizeGrey Fanatics 
Objects Discover Jordan with Marriott

P15) Restaurants & Entertainment Outlets

IDEA-JWT The Best Pizza
AGA Profess Graphics Italian Café
SAATCHI & SAATCHI French Delicacies in Jordan

P16) Events, Conferences & Exhibitions

Abu Mahjoob (AMCP) Jordan Rally
Team Y&R Gibran Khalil Gibran
Objects Jordan Tunes in                          

P17) Media & Leisure

Objects Mazaj FM
Team Y&R Jordan Full Coverage
Team Y&R Music from the Gulf

P18) Clothing, Fabrics & Footwear

Momentum  DDB Unique
Publicis Graphics REFLECTION
AGA Profess Graphics Huge Collections this Season

P19) Retail Outlets

Team Y&R X-mas cheese and cold cuts
Publicis Graphics Crescent Nuts
Team Y&R Food allergies

P20) Banking

Objects Pick & Choose
Team Y&R Own your piece of land
Objects Ball Game

P21) Insurance & Financial Services

Publicis Graphics Blueprints
Objects Life is too short 
Publicis Graphics Branching out for your service 

P22 A) Real Estate

AGA Profess Graphics Royal Village
Publicis Graphics The Sky Too`
Publicis Graphics Details

P22 B) Special Economic Zones & Industrial Parks

Publicis Graphics Dream 
Objects Emerging Aqaba

P23) Recruitment & Management Services

Kroma Advertising Read Between the lines
Publicis Graphics What I Say
Publicis Graphics Catchy Headline Needed

P24) Corporate Image Advertising

Objects Bread Rescue
Publicis Graphics Prioritized
AGA Profess Graphics Brand viAGAra – 

P25) Public Awareness Messages (non governmental)

Publicis Graphics Heavy Loads
IDEA-JWT Rebuilding Lebanon 
Team Y&R Don’t Litter

P26) Government

Objects Cultured Mosaic 
Prisma Advertising Entry Visa     
Saatchi & Saatchi Gems

P27) Educational Services

Publicis Graphics Global Audio Waves
AdMore We Can Hold You
Publicis Graphics Your Future…Our Promise

P28) Press Campaign

SAATCHI & SAATCHI Microfund for Women
Intermarkets  Haq Al Marefa Campaign
Objects Food for Life
Publicis Graphics Internationally Certified Passion
Leo Burnett Jordan Singer + Judge……
Wunderman Answer at your Doorstep 

Outdoor Awards

O1) Outdoor - Single Advertisement

Team Y&R Best of both worlds
Team Y&R Excel Grass
Team Y&R The Original Arabic Taste

O2) Outdoor Campaign

Team Y&R Best of Both Worlds
Team Y&R Excel BOJ
Intermarkets Haq Al Marifa
Publicis Graphics A Star Guides us
Publicis Graphics Fastlink Summer
Objects Take me there

Ambient Awards

AbdelHadi Adv. & Marketing School Feeding
Momentum DDB Getting Carried Away

BTL Awards

BTL1) Corporate Identity

Mint Adv. & Design Solutions Strategy360
Team Y&R Readers

BTL2) Product & Services Packaging

Still Motion Brio 
Team Y&R Readers
Mint Adv. & Design Solutions Lina Nuqul

BTL3) Retail Promotions

AdvizeGrey Pink Lemonade launch items
AdvizeGrey g promotional Items
AdvizeGrey Sticker

BTL4) Restaurant Menus & Promotions

SAATCHI & SAATCHI Deir El Aamar Menu
Objects Piano Lounge Menu
AbdelHadi Adv. & Marketing Peanut Colada Menu

BTL5 A) Season’s greeting cards & packages

Mint Adv. & Design Solutions Mini Cards of Happiness 
AGA Profess Graphics Boomerang  
Wunderman Commitment Ring

BTL5 B) Invitation Cards & packages

Mint Adv. & Design Solutions New Years 2006 
Wunderman VIP Invitation
Still Motion Tropical

BTL6) Direct Marketing

Mint Adv. & Design Solutions Mintgram                 
Wunderman Digitalize your Life        
Wunderman Outside The Box

BTL7) Gift Items

AdvizeGrey g-Gifts
Mint Adv. & Design Solutions Sand Gift
AGA Profess Graphics SHIRA BOOK

BTL8 A) Corporate & Public Service Literature

Mint Adv. & Design Solutions Passport
Wunderman WEF Brochure
AGA Profess Graphics JORDAN GATE Brochure

BTL8 B) NGOs & PSA Literature

Wunderman Anything’s Possible in Jordan   
Mint Adv. & Design Solutions Children’s Museum Brochure   
Mint Adv. & Design Solutions Arab Fund Brochure        

BTL9) Product & Service Literature

Wunderman Samarah Dossier
AGA Profess Graphics Royal Village Brochures
Mint Adv. & Design Solutions Birthday Package Brochure

Radio Awards

R1 A) Food & Dairy Products & Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Team Y&R Eating Ticket
Publicis Graphics Tammam…Tammam
Team Y&R Brings out the Talents in You

R1 B) Beverages, Milk & Non-Alcoholic Drinks

AdvizeGrey g Drink
AGA Profess Graphics Al Ghazalein Tea
Publicis Graphics Real Water 

R2) Health, Beauty, Clothing & Personal Accessories

Team Y&R Baby Talk
AGA Profess Graphics Curly Cool Hair
AGA Profess Graphics ARKO

R3) The Home

AGA Profess Graphics NEW FLON
AGA Profess Graphics HOOVER
AGA Profess Graphics SONA

R4) Telecommunications Services

Team Y&R Unlimited Talk
Team Y&R 5 Piaster
Publicis Graphics Z Line

R5) Hotels, Restaurant & Entertainment Outlets

Momentum DDB Walla3at Fi Abdoun
Momentum DDB French Roast
Partners Advertising Irbed Mall

R6) Tourism, Events, Media & Leisure

Team Y&R Runner
Intermarkets Haq Al Marefa
Wunderman Answer at Your Doorstep

R7) Banking & Insurance

TBWA Jordan She
Intermarkets CAB VISA
Team Y&R Woman wants 6 x your salary

R8) Automotive & Automotive Accessories

AGA Profess Graphics Honda Scooters
Elite Advertising Hit the road Jack
Team Y&R Balloons

R9) Corporate Image Advertising

Team Y&R 55 Years
Objects Too Repetitive
Publicis Graphics More than Words

R10 A) Public Awareness, Government

Prisma Advertising Stop listening to them    
Prisma Advertising Make Way                
IDEA JWT Back To Back

R10 B) Educational Services & Training Services

AGA Profess Graphics De Paul University
AGA Profess Graphics Universal School
Publicis Graphics Reflect 

R11) Radio Campaign

Publicis Graphics Z Line
Intermarkets Haq Al Marefa Campaign

TV Awards

TV1) Food & Dairy Products & Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Partners Communications Mahshy Emmy 
Partners Communications  Badawi
Partners Communications Dahabati

TV2) Telecommunications Services

Team Y&R 1214 everything you need
Team Y&R Dandana
Team Y&R Formula One

TV3) Tourism & Events

TeleMax Productions Art of Love Event
TeleMax Productions Jordan Embraces 
Team T&R Bubble

TV4) Banking & Insurance

Team Y&R Change your life

TV5) Services (Media, Real Estate, Management Services)

Team Y&R Boxer
Wunderman Aswer at your Doorstep
Intermarkets Haq Al Marifa

TV6) Corporate Image Advertising

Prisma Advertising Security Throughout your Life
Objects Power of Change
Team Y&R Hello

TV7A) Public Awareness & NGOs

Prisma Advertising I Have a Dream
IDEA JWT Back to Back
IDEA JWT Big Brother

TV7B) Government

SAATCHI & SAATCHI Profile Cafe Option
Prisma Advertising Personalized letter 

TV8) TV Campaign

Partners Communications  Falfileehom 
Publicis Graphics World of WoW
Intermarkets Haq Al Marifa