Previous Winners/2003

Press – 23 Categories

P1) Food & Dairy Products

TMI-JWT Amman Jordan’s Treasure
TEAM Y&R Amman Tomato Plant
Gallery 7 / M&C Saatchi Tabee’e Bel E’lbeh

P2) Beverages, Milk & Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Creations Advertising Hammoudeh New Pack
Afkar Promoseven Coca-Cola Mtaktak
Publicis Graphics Purity in Style

P3) Watches, Jewelry & Personal Accessories

AGA-Profess Graphics Where Art Meets Perfection
Adworx Mother’s mile
Objects Advertising Keys to Winning

P4) Toiletries & Health & Beauty Products

Gallery 7 / M&C Saatchi Jafaf Aktar
AGA-Profess Graphics SARS-Virus on the Move
Coyote Graphics Ultra Feminine Fragrance

P5) Household Care & Maintenance

TEAM Y&R Amman Ladder Ad
Gallery 7 / M&C Saatchi Tadoom Atwal
Brothers Design Al-Alwan Gida’ Al Hawas

P6-A) Household Furnishings

Gallery 7 / M&C Saatchi Match Your Style
AGA-Profess Graphics Summer Season’s Collection
Objects Advertising If it can be covered

P6-B) Household Appliances

TEAM Y&R Amman Penguin Ad
TEAM Y&R Amman Baby in Shower
Gallery 7 / M&C Saatchi Abu O’yoon Zarqa

P7) Business Equipment (Office automation & Industrial Equipment)

Adworx Amman Solid Foundation
Prisma Advertising Make Your Old Copier
Intermarkets Advertising Classroom

P8) Telecommunications Services & Equipment

Afkar Promoseven Frozen Handset
Intermarkets Advertising PALTEL
Afkar Promoseven Change Your Color

P9) Internet, OnLine Services & Content Providers

Saatchi & Saatchi Unbreakable Connection
TMI-JWT Amman Try this as a starter
TEAM Y&R Amman Wreaked Chair

P10) Automotive & Automotive Accessories

Intermarkets Advertising Maintenance All the Way
Intermarkets Advertising It’s Clear
Elite Advertising Escalade

P11) Airlines, Transport & Shipping

Afkar Promoseven Perfect Harmony
TMI-JWT Amman Shop & Ship Amman
Saatchi & Saatchi 20 Years & Growing Younger

P12-A) Hotels & Hotels Outlets

Publicis Graphics Amman The Definition
Intermarkets Advertising Peaches
Publicis Graphics Amman The Highest Standards

P12-B) Entertainment Outlets

TMI-JWT Amman Kashmir & Argeeleh
Publicis Graphics Amman Are You Crazy
AGA-Profess Graphics World of Chocolate

P13) Events, Conferences & Exhibitions

TEAM Y&R Amman Convergence 2002
TEAM Y&R Amman Book

P14) Media & Leisure

TEAM Y&R Amman Inside Layalina
TEAM Y&R Amman Bath Tub
Afkar Promoseven Got The Message

P15) Clothing, Fabrics & Footwear

Objects Advertising EGG-Cceptional
Gallery 7 / M&C Saatchi Flowering in Stores Today
Gallery 7 / M&C Saatchi 70% Final Clearance 

P16) Retail Outlets

TEAM Y&R Amman Closet
TEAM Y&R Amman Bag
Publicis Graphics Soon You Will Taste

P17) Banking & Insurance

TEAM Y&R Amman Home
TEAM Y&R Amman Our Code of Security
TEAM Y&R Amman Wheat Ad

P18) Real Estate, Recruitment & Management Services

TEAM Y&R Amman Copywriter
Intermarkets Advertising Father & Son
AGA-Profess Graphics Fill in the Blanks

P19) Corporate Image Advertising

Afkar Promoseven Petra faces
Intermarkets Advertising Samia
TEAM Y&R Amman New Heights

P20) Public Awareness & Educational Services

TEAM Y&R Amman Father & Daughter
Creations Advertising Giant Leap
TEAM Y&R Amman Your Future

P21) Press Campaign

Intermarkets Advertising Speak to the World
TEAM Y&R Amman Two Kids
TEAM Y&R Amman Memories

Outdoor – 2 Categories

O1) Outdoor - Single Advertisement

Saatchi & Saatchi Ihky Wa Noss
TMI-JWT Amman LinkdotNet
TMI-JWT Amman Jordan’s Treasure

O2) Outdoor Campaign

Afkar Promoseven Coverage
Afkar Promoseven Giant
TEAM Y&R Amman Waseet

Television – 10 Categories

TV1) Food & Dairy Products

TEAM Y&R Amman Stadium
Future Vision Productions Barari
TEAM Y&R Amman Swing

TV3) Health, Beauty, Clothing & Personal Accessories

Gallery 7/ M&C Saatchi The Apple
TEAM Y&R Amman Rum Oven
TEAM Y&R Amman Igloo

TV6) Telecommunications Services

Saatchi & Saatchi Ana Hisham
Saatchi & Saatchi One Minutes On You One Minutes On Us
Afkar promoseven Roaming

TV8) Entertainment, Events & Hospitality

TEAM Y&R Amman Jordan Regional
Saatchi & Saatchi Woslo
Afkar Promoseven Shoot

TV10) Banking & Insurance

TEAM Y&R Amman Friends
Intermarkets Advertising Newspaper
TEAM Y&R Amman Saving Account

TV11) (Media, Internet, Real Estate, Recruitment & Management Services)

TeleMax Productions Waseet Bus
TEAM Y&R Amman Hurry up & Buy Shares
TMI-JWT Amman LinkdotNet

TV12) Corporate Image Advertising

Afkar Promoseven Baby Talk
Future Vision Productions MobileCom Snow
TEAM Y&R Amman Wheat Field

TV13) Public Awareness & Educational Services

Prisma Advertising Candidate program
TEAM Y&R Amman Youth
Prisma Advertising Hakawati

TV14) TV Campaign

Prisma Advertising lets put the dots over the letters
Future Vision Productions Parliamentary Elections Campaign
Prisma Advertising Each Vote Counts Campaign

Radio – 2 Categories

R1) Radio - Single Commercial

Intermarkets Advertising PALTEL
Afkar Promoseven Coca-Cola Mtaktak
TeleMax Productions Sahtien Mayyet Blady

R2) Radio Campaign

Prisma Advertising Each Vote Counts
Prisma Advertising Lets put the dots over the Letters
TEAM Y&R Amman Injaz

Below-The-Line (BTL)  – 8 Categories

BTL1) Corporate Identity

Objects Advertising NOMADS
CAT Design Sage Global Ventures
CAT Design The Spice Garden

BTL2) Product Packaging

TMI-JWT Amman Jordan’s Treasure Wooden Box
Publicis Graphics Amman Good to the last Crumb
Creations Mouassel Mazaj

BTL4 A) Retail Promotions

Afkar promoseven Shopping Bag
TMI-JWT Amman Jordan’s Treasure
TMI-JWT Amman Jordan’s Treasure Shelftalker

BTL4 B) Restaurant Menus

Objects Advertising Jordan Valley Marriott Hotel
CAT Design Sheraton Amman
CAT Design Casereccio Restaurant

BTL5 A) Direct Marketing

Afkar Promoseven Pouch
Objects Advertising Marriott get well soon card
Bronze             Publicis Graphics Amman Illustrating our Passion 

BTL5 B) Gift Away

CAT Design MovenPick Gift
CAT Design FastLink Coaster Gift Item
CAT Design FastLink Candle Holder

BTL6 A) Corporate Literature

TEAM Y&R Amman Discovery Corporate Kit
Intermarkets Advertising The Spa
TEAM Y&R Amman International Traders Brochure

BTL6 B) Product Literature

Objects Advertising Frantschach
Objects Advertising Zay Autumn Brochure
TMI-JWT Amman Finies Brochure