Previous Winners/2009

Press Awards

P1A) Food & Dairy Products

Team Y&R Monster Nabil

Team Y&R Vacuum Maxim’s

Team Y&R Take a Dip Nabil

P1B) Beverages, Milk & Non-Alcoholic Drinks

AdvizeGrey End 2007 with a Bang G Drink

AGA Profess Graphics Life in Sama Sama

AdvizeGrey Bone G Drink

P3) Health & Beauty Products

Team Y&R Pass the Fine Fine

AGA Profess Graphics Family Tree Extinction Boecker

AGA Profess Graphics The Strings of the cello Sukhtian

P4A) Household Furnishings

AGA Profess Graphics More Space Showroom Soft House

Team Y&R Newly Weds Cozmo

Team Y&R Lamp-Pot Home&Garden

P4B) Household Appliances

AGA Profess Graphics Are You Ready? Sona

Objects Advertising Hit the Spot Tefal

Creations Hero Izzat Marji

P5) Personal Consumer Electronics & Mobile Handsets

AGA Profess Graphics The butterfly Effect Transwold Mobiles

AGA Profess Graphics I Love my Nikon Nikon

AGA Profess Graphics Innov8 Transwold Mobiles

P6) Business & Industrial

AdvizeGrey Table Space Offtec

Prisma Advertisin Say Goodbye to your Black & White Copier Tesco

AdvizeGrey Khalli Youmak Full TOTAL

P7) Telecommunications Services

Team Y&R Can’t afford a Haircut Orange

Team Y&R Hieroglyphics Orange

Team Y&R Oud Orange

P8) Internet & Mobile Data Services

AdvizeGrey Shabakna Alhawa Wi-tribe

Team Y&R Orange Internet = life Orange

AdvizeGrey Bus(New Coverage Area) Wi-tribe

P9) Automotive & Automotive Services

IDEA JWT Nezel Al Yabani Toyota

AGA Profess Graphics See me if you can Mitsubishi

Intermarkets Amman its all about 8 Peugeot

P10) Airlines, Transport & Shipping

Team Y&R You Wouldn’t Sleep Like this at Home Royal Jordanian

Team Y&R London Dream Royal Jordanian

4P’s Integrated Marketing Communication Faster Connection DHL

P11) Tourism Services

AGA Profess Graphics Still in the Mood Al Mhairat Travel

AGA Profess Graphics Drive More Payless

AGA Profess Graphics You Imagine .. We make it Al Mhairat Travel

P12) Hotels & Hotels Outlets

Team Y&R We sell Virgins Sage Lounge

AdvizeGrey Football Well done Bristol Hotel

AdvizeGrey Go Against the Flow Grand Hyatt Amman

P13) Restaurants & Entertainment Outlets

Objects Advertising Fit, The feminine way Body Design

Intermarkets Amman A Whiff of Deliciousness Carna Restaurant

AGA Profess Graphics Hmmmm Now Open Rodina

P14) Events, Conferences & Exhibitions

AdvizeGrey Star Ads MediaScope

AdvizeGrey Khawa Wi-tribe

AGA Profess Graphics Pick your Choice Tatweer

P15) Media & Leisure

Team Y&R Book Crescent Readers

AdvizeGrey Fish Anna Zanakha ARBC – Spin Jordan

Team Y&R Christmas Readers

P16) Clothing, Fabrics & Footwear

AGA Profess Graphics Express Your Love Morilee

Wunderman Children Collection Jordan River Foundation

Grafica The Fit That Defines You Taylor & Lodge

P17) Retail Stores

Team Y&R Crown Cozmo

Team Y&R Cleaver Cozmo

Team Y&R Footie BBQ Cozmo

P18A) Banks

Objects Advertising The Seeds & Harvest of Success Ahli Bank

Objects Advertising Paper lands & Home Ahli Bank

AGA Profess Graphics Boomerang Effect Union Bank

P18B) Insurance & Financial Services

AGA Profess Graphics Invest in People’s life Gulf Finance House

Team Y&R Apple Pills Jordan Insurance Company

Objects Advertising Rope Continued Middle East Insurance

P19) Real Estate

AdvizeGrey Horseback Tamleek

AGA Profess Graphics Royal Village Royal Village

Mint Advertising Nurai Cityscape Dubai Zaya LLC

P20) Management Services

AGA Profess Graphics Get Out of the Maze AGA Profess Graphics

AGA Profess Graphics Which Apple are you? AGA Profess Graphics

Still Motion Enhance-ment Corner Stone

P21) Corporate Image Advertising

Wunderman Jordan’s Heartbeat Amen FM

AGA Profess Graphics Lasting Impression AGA Profess Graphics

AGA Profess Graphics Love of Education De Paul University

P22) Public Awareness (Corporate & NGOs)

Prisma Advertisin Drive now talk later Hertz

Intermarkets Amman Before its too late MAP

IDEA JWT Supporting Gaza IDEA JWT & Jordan River Foundation

P23) Government

Prisma Advertisin SSC Services Social Security Corporation

Prisma Advertisin One Click Away MoICT

L&R Communications Turning Sand into Gold ASEZA

P24) Educational Services

GraphSense Graphics Bring Life to your Ideas Immanent Graphics

Wunderman Watch your Assets Grow EduWave Live

TBWA Jordan Time to Excel European Information Technology Center

P25) Press Campaign

Team Y&R Shocking Sage Launge

AGA Profess Graphics When things are Not Right Addostour Newspaper

Team Y&R The Way your Children will see it Hamleys

AdvizeGrey Spin Jordan AQRBC – Spin

AGA Profess Graphics Life in Sama Sama

Team Y&R There is only one Cozmo Cozmo

Outdoor Awards

O1) Outdoor - Single Advertisement

Team Y&R Monstor Burger Nabil

Intermarkets Amman Truth is Above All Al Ghad Newspaper

AGA Profess Graphics Life in Sama Sama

O2) Outdoor Campaign

Team Y&R Kafa phase 1 Royal Health Awaerness Society

AdvizeGrey ARBC Launch Campaign ARBC _ Spin

Team Y&R Only Siniora Siniora

AdvizeGrey Interne Lu3betna Wi-tribe

Intermarkets Amman The Truth Al Ghad Newspaper

Team Y&R Kafa phase 2 Royal Health Awaerness Society

A1) Ambient Media

Intermarkets Amman CAB ATM Cairo Amman Bank

IDEA JWT The Feel in SC 430 Al Markazia

IDEA JWT Around the World HSBC

B1) Best Creative use of Media

IDEA JWT For a Green Tomorrow Al Markazia

AGA Profess Graphics Don’t Forget Kuwait Finance House

Team Y&R Breaking Through KIA Motors

 BTL Awards

BTL1) Corporate Identity

Team Y&R Energy FM Energy FM

AdvizeGrey Amman International Marathon Amman International Marathon

Intermarkets Buy-n-tell Buy-n-tell

BTL2) Product & Services Packaging

AdvizeGrey Jolly Monk UMG

AdvizeGrey 4Sume Fun G Drink

Mint Advertising Trio Khoury Trio Khoury

BTL3) Retail Promotions

Team Y&R KAFA Road Safety Royal Health Awaerness Society

AdvizeGrey Numbers Mean Jack Grand Hyatt Amman – JJ’s

Wunderman LSS Posters ZAD

BTL4) Restaurant Menus & Promotions

IDEA JWT Sugar Cube Landmark

L&R Communication Saint George Wine Menu Bulos Zumot

AGA Profess Graphics Striker Menu Kempinski Hotel

BTL5A) Invitations

Nuwa Communications Lina and Amar Lina and Amar

Mint Advertising ZAYA Auction ZAYA

Wunderman Heroes Happen Here Microsoft

BTL5B) Season Greeting

AGA Profess Graphics AGA Season Greeting AGA Profess Graphics


Mint Advertising Dew Greeteng Dew Design Editing Writing

BTL6A) Direct Marketing

AdvizeGrey Shredded Offtec

Mint Advertising Mint Emergency Kit Mint Advertising

Wunderman Energy FM Rate Cards Energy FM

BTL6B) Gift Items

Mint Advertising Jeeran Box Jeeran

AdvizeGrey Wi-Tribe Giveaways Wi-Tribe

Wunderman Wunderman Ramadan Gift Box Wunderman

BTL7) Corporate & Public Service Literature

Xotox Serage Serage

Mint Advertising Mint Hello Kit Mint Advertising

IDEA JWT Arabh Wings Arabh Wings

BTL8) Product & Service Literature

Mint Advertising Nurai Brochure ZAYA

Mint Advertising ZAYA Brochure ZAYA

Still Motion Samsung LCD Samsung

Radio Awards

R1) Food, Dairy Products & Beverages

AGA Profess Graphics Bensabbah Bin Zhaiman

AGA Profess Graphics Life in a Bottle Sama

Partners Marketing & Communications Kabatilo Kabatilo

R2) Health, Beauty, Clothing & Personal Accessories

AdvizeGrey Opticlinic Launch Campaign Opticlinic

AGA Profess Graphics The Protector Sukhtian Group

Team Y&R Pass the Fine Fine Tissues

R3) The Home

AGA Profess Graphics From Nail Hit to… Soft House

Team Y&R I Do Cozmo

Intermarkets Amman Celebrating 10 Years Abu Tawileh Group

R4) Telecommunications Services

Partners Marketing & Communications Alo Mohammad Fi Call

AdvizeGrey Coverage Areas Phase 1 Wi-tribe

AdvizeGrey Wi-tribe Launch Wi-tribe

R5) Hotels, Restaurant & Retail Outlets

Still Motion Fanny Name.. Serious Sandwich Schlotzsky’s

Intermarkets Amman Unleash the Passion Within City Mall

Partners Marketing & Communications Zos or Zeus Zeues

R6) Tourism, Events, Media & Leisure

AdvizeGrey 3ard Wa Talab Al Adaa’

AdvizeGrey Fun in the Sun Al Wadi Resort

Intermarkets Amman Read Between the Lines Al Ghad Newspaper

R7) Banking & Insurance

Intermarkets Amman Fortune Teller Cairo Amman Bank

Team Y&R Snoring Car Bank of Jordan

Team Y&R Everybody is a Winner Bank of Jordan

R8) Automotive & Automotive Accessories

Team Y&R Fuel for Less Mazda

AGA Profess Graphics I Wish I Can Find.. Musa Suklijian Co.

AGA Profess Graphics Why Don’t you Ask Trans Jordan Trading

R8) Automotive & Automotive Accessories

Team Y&R Fuel for Less Mazda

AGA Profess Graphics I Wish I Can Find.. Musa Suklijian Co.

AGA Profess Graphics Why Don’t you Ask Trans Jordan Trading

R9) Corporate Image Advertising

Objects Advertising Advertisinh Darb Yamla’oh Thimar Ahli Bank

Team Y&R There’s Only  One Cozmo Cozmo

AGA Profess Graphics Lets Live for Ever Tala Bay

R10) Public Awareness, Government & Educational Services

Team Y&R Crash Royal Health Awaerness Society

Team Y&R Not Graduating Royal Health Awaerness Society

Prisma Advertising One Stop Shop Jordan Post

R11) Radio Campaign

Partners Marketing & Communications Fi Call Fi Call

Team Y&R Crash Royal Health Awaerness Society

Team Y&R Frame KAFA (PHASE 2) Royal Health Awaerness Society

TV Awards

TV1) Food & Dairy Products & Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Team Y&R You Wont Get Enough Noon

Partners Marketing & Communications Tiger Rice Tiger Rice

AGA Profess Graphics Ali Café Ali Café

TV2) Telecommunications Services

Team Y&R Musaharati Orange

Team Y&R Seconds of Summer Orange

Partners Marketing & Communications Fi Call Fi Call

TV3) Tourism & Events

Team Y&R You are There Royal Jordanian

L&R Communications Breath Aqaba Aseza

Jordan Pioneers Fun & Adventure Jordan Tourism Board

TV4) Banking & Insurance

Team Y&R Easy Goal Bank of Jordan

Team Y&R Big Hoop Bank of Jordan

Objects Advertising Advertising Save Now Ahli Bank

TV5) Miscellaneous

Intermarkets Amman Classified Super Hero Al Waseet Newspaper

AGA Profess Graphics Anything But… Samix

Team Y&R Onions Fine Tissues

TV6) Corporate Image Advertising

Objects Advertising Advertisin Darb Yamla’ho Thimar Ahli Bank

Partners Marketing & Communications Fi Call Fi Call

Team Y&R No Boundaries Orange

TV7A) Public Awareness & NGOs

IDEA JWT Supporting Gaza Unrwa

Team Y&R Dead Girl Royal Health Awaerness Society

IDEA JWT Ahl Al Himmeh Nomination The Royal Court

TV7B) Government & Education

L&R Communications Turning Sand into Gold ASEZA

Prisma Advertising Learn a Profession & Achieve Professionalism Vocational Traning Corporation

Prisma Advertising Ones life Stages Available Online MoICT

TV8) TV Campaign

Team Y&R Kafa Frame Royal Health Awaerness Society

Objects Advertising Advertising Ahli Bank Ahli Bank

Intermarkets Amman Classified Super-Hero Al Waseet Newspaper