Previous Winners/2005

Press Awards

P1) Food & Dairy Products

AdPro Communications  Teeba Akl Wa Mar’a
TEAMY&R Al Kaseeh  Starving Photographer
AdPro Communications  Teeba Launch Ad Teeba

P2) Beverages, Milk & Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Publicis Graphics Ghadeer The Big Story
Publicis Graphics Nestle  Our Birthday Gift
AGA Profess Graphics  Select Water New Agent

P3) Watches, Jewelry & Personal Accessories

AdvizeGrey Optikos Shami It’s time you paid us a visit
Objects Advertising Abu Shaqra Tatoo me baby
BCIG Arnold Ja’far Jewelry Ja’far 

P4) Toiletries & Health & Beauty Products

Objects Advertising Abu Shakra  His & Hers 
AdPro Communications Nuqul Group Raha Tadoum
Whispers Bukhari Cool Couples

P5) Household Care & Maintenance

TEAM/Y&R National Paints Fungus Ad
AGA Profess Graphics Boeker When Boeker is Away
TEAM/Y&R National Paints Tabee’a Ashab

P6) Household Furnishings & Accessories

AdPro Communication  Jwico Wardrobes
AdPro Communication  Jwico Flexibility
AdPro Communication  Jwico Children’s

P7) Household Appliances

Coyote Graphics  Rum Al El Din Akher Khabar
Publicis Graphics Digital Creations  Deserve to be Heard
Intermarkets Amman Hair Pink Rose

P8) Business Equipment (Office Automation & Industrial Equipment)

Publicis Graphics Saudi Oger Hard at work
Focus Mktg. & Adv. Jordan techno Trade  New in Jordan
Adworx  Arab Potash Company  Flower

P9) Telecommunications Services

TEAM/Y&R MobileCom eMobilcom 
Publicis Graphics Fastlink Closer
Publicis Graphics Fastlink Smile for Discount

P10) Mobile Handsets & Dealers

Afkar Promoseven Celltec The thescope
Publicis Graphics Telelink Telelink Patience
Intermarkets Amman Motorola Raqeeq

P11A) Data Services & Mobile Content Providers

Publicis Graphics Fastlink Water Bill
Publicis Graphics Fastlink  Star News
Saatchi & Saatchi Fastlink  SMS Jazeera

P11B) Internet & OnLine Services,

TEAM/Y&R Wanadoo Cool Baby
TEAM/Y&R Wanadoo Flying Man
TEAM/Y&R Wanadoo Racket

P12) Automotive & Automotive Accessories

Wunderman Al Khayyat Schizophrenia
Wunderman Al Khayyat Home Furniture
Wuderman AutoTech Super Ants

P13A) Airlines, Transport & Shipping

TEAM/Y&R Royal Jordanian Cargo Pilot
Objects Advertising Aramex What to do
Objects Advertising Aramex Al Rai

P13B) Tourism Services

Kroma Advertising Sixt car rental Sixt & The City
AdvizeGrey Europe Car Witness the art 
Intermarkets Amman Pioneers Travel & Tourism Honey Mooners

P14) Hotels & Hotel Outlets

Adworx Intercontinental  MoviePoster
Afkar Promoseven Kempinski Bowling
Adworx CinqoDeMayo Antonio

P15) Restaurants & Entertainment Outlets

TEAM/Y&R Noodasia Sushi
Team/Y&R Salad House Feather
Still Motion Galleria Theaters  Watch & Listen

P16) Events, Conferences & Exhibitions

TEAM/Y&R IAA Conference  Crow Bar
Afkar Promoseven Jordan Olympic committee Peace
AdvizeGrey Sofex Jordan 2006   Sofex

P17) Media & Leisure

TEAM/Y&R VIVA  Razor Sharp
AdPro Communications Mazaj FM Arabi Ana
AdPro Communications Al Ghad Alghad

P18) Clothing, Fabrics & Footwear

TEAM/Y&R Miss Sixty Sixty, Fifty, Forty……Sale
TEAM/Y&R Magma Red Eyes
Publicis Graphics Guy Laroche Guy Laroche

P19) Retail Outlets

TEAM/Y&R Cozmo Cruising Ship
TEAM/Y&R Cozmo Swiss Cheese
AGA Profess Graphics Patchi Heart melting Chocolate 

P20A) Banking

TEAM/Y&R Bank of Jordan Can Buy What
AdPro Communications Jordan National Bank Fathers Day
BCIG Arnold Standard Chartered Bank Free Yourself

P20B) Insurance & Financial Services

TEAM/Y&R Jordan Insurance Company  Road Side Mechanic
Publicis Graphics Atlas Investments I believe
TEAM/Y&R Jordan Insurance Company Bubble Wrap

P21A) Real Estate

Publicis Graphics Saraya Holdings Sunset
Publicis Graphics Saraya Aqaba How it all started
Publicis Graphics Al Abdali Postcard from Jordan

P21B) Recruitment & Management Services

AdvizeGrey AdvizeGrey  As you can tell
Creations  Creations Cards
Afkar Promoseven Amman Waves Seashells

P22) Corporate Image Advertising

AdPro Communications  Al Ghad Mask
Prisma Advertising Securities Depository Center  Extra security 
AdPro Communications Umniah  Shafafieh

P23A) Public Awareness

Saatchi & Saatchi Ajyalouna Beyond Scars 
Saatchi & Saatchi King Hussein Cancer Center  Give from your heart
Afkar Promoseven Lung FibrosisSociety  Lifesaver

P23B) Government

BCIG Arnold Higher council for youth  Ana Al Ordon
BCIG Arnold Jordan Investment Board Invest in Jordan
Prisma Advertising Social Security  Daman Amani

P24) Educational Services

Addmore  Al Quds College  Cleanup your mind 
Intermarkets Amman Ejabi Sharpen your skills
Afkar Promoseven JATS Learn to fly

P25) Press Campaign

Saatchi & Saatchi Ajyalouna Ajyalouna Campaign
Kroma Advertising Sixt  Sixt Campaign
Afkar Promoseven Seagulls How do you like it
AdPro Communications Al Ghad Al Ghad Thematic
Saatchi & Saatchi KHCC Give from your heart
Publicis Graphics Fastlink Smile for discount

Outdoor Awards

O1) Single Commercial

Saatchi & Saatchi Ajyalouna beyond Scars
Nuwa communications Dawri La’eebeh Basketball tonight 
TEAM/Y&R Cozmo Real Roof

O2) Outdoor Campaign

Gold – Saatchi & Saatchi Ajyalouna Ajyalouna Campaign 
Silver – AdPro Communications Al Ghad Al Ghad Launch
Silver – AdPro Communications Umniah Umniah Launch
Bronze – BCIG Arnold NYIS Ana Al Ordon
Bronze – AdPro Communications Al Ghad Al Ghad Thematic
Bronze – TEAM/Y&R Cozmo Different

BTL Awards

BTL1) Corporate Identity

AdPro Communications     Umniah  Umniah Stationary
AdPro Communications Umniah  Umniah Important Person (UIP) Stationary
Mint Advertising Mint Advertising Mint Corporate Identity

BTL2) Product Packaging

Still Motion Chocolatimo Packaging  
AdvizeGrey Salisa Bottle  
Publicis Graphics Crumz Orange Company  

BTL3) Retail Promotions

AdPro Communications     Umniah Umniah Retail Promotions
Wunderman Hareer Hareer
BCIG Arnold Standard Chartered Bank     Standard Chartered Counter 

BTL4) Restaurant Menus & Promotions

Objects Advertising Whispers  Whispers Menu
Adworx  Beach Front Menu Beach Front Menu
Still Motion Shaman Shaman Menu

BTL5 A) Seasons Greeting Cards & Packages

AGA Profess Graphics AGA Profess Graphics AGA Cadabra Card 
 Mint Advertising Mint Advertising Mint Tablets
Afkar Promoseven Salt & pepper Salt & pepper

BTL5 B) Direct Marketing

Afkar Promoseven BEAT FM BEAT FM Rate Card
AdPro Communications Mazaj FM Mazaj FM
Afkar promoseven Mood FM Mood FM Rate Card

BTL6) Gift Items

Momentum Advertising ABC Bank ABC Gift Box
Mint Advertising  Tawfiq Ghargour & Fils TGF Calender
Saatchi & Saatchi Sawt Al Ghad Sawt Al Ghad 

BTL7A) Corporate Literature

Publicis Graphics Open Doors Saraya
Objects Advertising Mazaya Brochure Mazaya
TEAM/ Y&R Bridging Horizon AB Maritime

BTL7 B) PSA Literature

Mint Advertising  Jordan National Gallery of fine Arts  
Mint Advertising Jordan River Foundation   
Objects Advertising Young president Organization Newsletter  

BTL8) Product & Service Literature

Afkar Promoseven JATS JATS
Publicis Graphics Sand Castel Saraya Aqaba
Adworx Candivast Candivast 

Radio Awards

R1) Food & Dairy Products & Non- Alcoholic Beverages

TEAM/ Y&R Ana Karakeyh Al Kasih
Momentum Advertising Jaji Ya Hammoudeh Hammoudeh
AGA Profess Graphics Izhaiman W bas Izhaiman Tea

R2) Health, Beauty, Clothing & Pesonal Accessories.

AGA Profess Graphics Strepsils  Strepsils
Publicis Graphics Super Baby Fine Nuqul Group

R3) The Home

TEAM/ Y&R  Subheyeh National Paints 
Publicis Graphics In Time for your dreams  Nuqul Group
AdPro Communications For Today & Life Jwico

R4) Telecommunications Services

TEAM Y&R 2 Is better than 1 Jordan Telecom
Intermarkets Most Affordable X Press
TEAM/ Y&R Qirsh Mobilecom

R5) Hotels, Restaurants & Entertainment Outlets.

Objects Advertising Villa Medeterano Amman Marriott
Still Motion We deliver yes we do Chili House
TEAM/ Y&R Breaking News KFC 

R6) Tourism, events, Leisure & Media

AdPro Communications Al Ghad Song Al Ghad
Objects Advertising Play like Maldini AC Milan Academy
TEAM/ Y&R Whussup G Jordan Lottery

R7) Banking & Insurance

TEAM/ Y&R Hamatee Bank of Jordan
BCIG Arnold Two Tickets  Standard Chartered Bank
BCIG Arnold Hush Little Baby Standard Chartered Bank

R8) Automotive & Automotive Accessories

Elite Advertising  Opel Vectra Abu Khader Group
Elite Advertising Any Excuse (Fiat) Abu Khader Group
AGA Profess Graphics Citroen Faouri Group

R9) public Awareness & Educational services.

Prisma Advertising If the Future of Iraq I.O.M
Publicis Graphics The Bridge AIBFS
BCIG Arnold Ana Al Ordon NYIS

R10) Radio Campaign

Publicis Graphics Therapedic Campaign  Nuqul Group
Intermarkets  X Press Campaign  X Press
BCIG Arnold James Bond & Sequel Standered Chartered Bank

TV Awards

TV1) Food & Dairy Products & Non- Alcoholic Beverages

TEAM/ Y&R Grown Up Kids A Saniora
AdPro Communications Tarazan  Tasali Chips
TEAM/ Y&R Grown Up Kids B Saniora

TV4) Telecommunications Services

TEAM/ Y&R Qirsh MobileCom
Intermarkets Most Affordable X Press
Intermarkets Push to View  X ptress

TV5) Leisure & Tourism

TEAM/ Y&R  Desert JTB
TEAM/ Y&R Invest Jordan JTB
TEAM/ Y&R Visit Jordan JTB

TV6) Banking & Insurance

TEAM/ Y&R Bride Bank of Jordan
TEAM/ Y&R Water Drop Bank of Jordan
Intermarkets Hitchhiker Cairo Amman Bank

TV7) Services (Real Estate, Management Services & Media)

Afkar Promoseven Mood FM Seagulls 
Adpro Communications Al Ghad Backwards Al Ghad Newspaper

TV8) Corporate Image Advertising

Objects Advertising Life with Fastlink Fastlink
TEAM Y&R Elevator Bank of Jordan
TEAM Y&R Suit Bank of Jordan

TV9) Public Awareness & Educational services.

Saatchi & Saatchi Our Wealth Ajyalouna
Saatchi & Saatchi Violence Ajyalouna
Jordan pioneers Sihi News Ministry of Health

TV10) TV Campaign

Intermarkets Construction & Hospital X press
TEAM/ Y&R Mirror & Suit Bank of Jordan
AdPro Communications Al Ghad Thematic Al Ghad Newspaper